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If you are a guest and just checking forums for more info just check under "Applications"
If you got problems with forums please tell Decapiator in game.

Regards Decap, Gm of Resistance.
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ALL READ general->"Please let me know what you think of this guild. (our guild)"

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Requirements to join!

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1Requirements to join! Empty Requirements to join! on Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:42 pm



Be a dedicated, team oriented and self-made player.
Dedicate attention to the strategy of your class dynamically. It works as a part of a machine, so polish it. Lagging parts get replaced. Know how you fit into this motor, we will notice it if you are hitching rides in our groups. Address situations with the grace to synchronised the engine.
Dedicate,help and support us. It will come back to you.

Be willing to use Ventrilo.
Communication is the most important aspect of inter-guild warfare. To discuss strategies and means of approach is vital. To see who is an active member in the guild is easiest spotted by checking who is on vent, not who is online in the guild list, so get on vent.
The most fun part of playing is the fact that the game has a strong social nature. The best times you may possibly have is by having a great time getting to know people and making friends on vent. To share the fun your having in game, you kill to be on vent.

Be willing to act in the best interest of the guild.
If you are after your own interests while playing, then Resistance is likely not the guild for you. Respect our rules all be it diplomatic and help build the guild. Do not embarress us.

We all have a sense of humour.
The aim of playing the game is to have fun. So having a good or bad sense of humor can sometimes make everybody┬┤s day a bit better or bitter.
Try to be polite and stirr things up while doing so Wink

As stated earlier communication is absolutely crucial. Wont really work out if you mumble stuff and we got no clue. You do not have to be good at speaking English at all, just clear while doing so.

Be Mature and Loyal.
Age and mental age differ. We generally accept anyone who is mature enough to play the game.In the trial period your level of maturity will be tested.


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