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If you are a guest and just checking forums for more info just check under "Applications"
If you got problems with forums please tell Decapiator in game.

Regards Decap, Gm of Resistance.
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ALL READ general->"Please let me know what you think of this guild. (our guild)"

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Info about the guild

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1Info about the guild Empty Info about the guild on Fri Oct 02, 2009 9:32 pm


Application requirements:
-Must be a PvP'er (If you are not an experienced PvP'er, we will help you learn as long as you are willing)
- Team oriented player is preferred
- Loyalty

What more do we offer than PvP?
- We have a full T3 Guild-city
- We have experienced members that know their classes.
- A close group of friends and loyal players.

We are from all over the world togheter we do what we like most!

We have a 2 week trial period. Prove yourself to Underdogs in this time. You will not be able to kill on loot, a loot master will distribute it according to guild regulations.

Disclaimer: Why do we play games? To have fun. We seems serious because we are, about having a good time. It is just a game after all.


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